With this ministry program we are able to take those who are in transition with their housing (meaning they are either already without housing or are about to be), and offer them temporary housing to assist them in recovering from their housing insecurity. This program is designed for those that have the income to cover the low cost of housing we are offering, have shown willingness to do the work it takes to pursue this opportunity, and show a true desire to ensure that housing insecurity is a temporary season in their lives, and not a situation that defines them.

This is not a ministry that provides a traditional home or apartment like Habitat for Humanity. The problem with wonderful organizations like Habitat is there is no way they could keep up with the housing insecurity crisis we have in the city we love so much. Instead, this ministry provides a Bridge of Hope between losing housing security and getting back on their feet enough to gain that security back. We  hope to place our first temporary housing unit within the next 30 days.

But, that depends on you!

We need several things to make this work. The three most important and critical are below. Please take a moment and pray about this ministry.
Pray that God makes clear his desire for you regarding this ministry. There are so many ways you can help, and I hope you will consider going above and beyond by committing to go ALL IN to reduce housing insecurity in the Reno area!


The fastest way you can help is by giving above and beyond your normal tithes and offerings to the VCF Means Family ministry. Each transitional set up cost is $5500 for the first 3 months, covering the cost of transportation, purchase, repairs, and space rent.
Donate now at
Choose the "VCF Means Family!" fund.

Sweat Equity

Together we can invest in the Kingdom and in the lives of those this ministry touches with good old fashioned sweat equity. Help with the transportation, repairs, set up, etc. are all invaluable to the success of this ministry.

Prayer & Observation

Together we must PRAY for this ministry. The more dedicated prayer we have, the more our focus will remain on God's will. You can also be on the lookout for lower cost RV's, Travel Trailers, Cabs over Campers, and Tent Trailers. All of these can be used, and we are set up to receive them as donations.