Our Story

How it all started...

Pastor David had a dream of an authentic group of believers in Reno, Nevada. He wanted to see the Kingdom of God break through and bring revival to the city he loved.

Through careful prayer, a small group of people began to gather, first in coffeeshops, and then in homes to dream of what this community could look like.  Slowly, others joined in and a warehouse building was found in South Reno, which was transformed into a church through the dedication and love of the new family. All of the dreaming and planning came to fruition on a snowy, Superbowl Sunday, on February 3. 2019. 

Expanding the vision...

The first year was focused on strengthening the family and cementing ourselves into the community.  We hosted events, VBS, started small groups and grew in depth and connection.

Then... well... 2020 happened. A year that will surely live in infamy.

But even in the midst of the chaos and confusion, "VCF means family" began to take root in our hearts.  We supported each other online, hosting small groups, live devotionals and checking in with each other. We weren't going to let this year steal our joy. 

Where we are headed...

As we look toward the future, we see new ministries starting, old ministries being revitalized and the breath of God revitalizing us.

In the next couple of months, we're launching a Special Needs ministry, Celebrate Recovery, VCF Means Home! (a ministry for those in need of transitional housing) and so much more!

If this sounds like a place that you could call home, we'd love to have you join the family!  You belong here! 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10:30am.